Advanced Wound Care


  • Provides Topical Nutrition
  • Restores Skin’s pH balance
  • Provides Ionic Bond Zinc, Vitamins A & B6, Calcium and Magnesium
  • Optimizes Wound Bed with Moisture

Optimizing Skin and Wound Care


Dermagran® is a complete line of wound and skin care products that:

  • Optimizes the wound bed while it actively manages moisture, which provides cells with an ideal environment for epithelialization
  • Provides zinc with ionic bonds that help cell division and promotes revascularization, which is elemental for healthy skin
  • Provides topical nutrition along with its zinc content with ionic bonds; it also provides vitamins A, B6 and C, which promote epithelialization, reduces the effects of steroids, assists in collagen synthesis and assists in the production of erythrocytes
  • Restores healthy skin pH balance by providing the acidity required for healthy skin
  • Optimizes skin and wound care, while maximizing your budget



Dermagran® Ointment

Dermagran® Ointment is a pH balanced skin protectant formulated with Derma Sciences zinc-nutrient technology. Dermagran®Ointment contains vitamin A, calcium and magnesium. Dermagran® Ointment is indicated for abrasions, skin tears, partial thickness pressure ulcers, and for preventive skin care.

Catalog Number Description
DT-4 4 oz Tube, 12 units/case
DG-4 4 oz Jar, 12 units/case


Dermagran® Moisturizing Spray

Dermagran® Moisturizing Spray is a  pH balanced skin protectant. It conditions the skin before the application of Dermagran® Ointment or other appropriate dressing. It contains ionic zinc, vitamins A and B6, calcium and magnesium. It is indicated for stage I pressure ulcers, abrasions, and as preventive skin care. Dermagran® Moisturizing Spray is indicated for cleansing and odor control of the perineal area, general skin cleansing, and no-rinse shampooing.

Catalog Number Description
DM-4 Dermagran® Moisturizing Spray, 4 oz (114 g) bottle, 12 bottles/case


Dermagran® Hydrophilic-B Dressings

Dermagran® Hydrophilic-B Dressings provide either a primary cover or filler for chronic and acute wounds. 

Dermagran® Hydrophilic-B Dressings can be purchased as an impregnated gauze or an amorphous gel in a tube. Both dressings contain the Derma Sciences’ ionic zinc technology and balanced pH technology, as well as vitamins A and B6, calcium and magnesium. The special gauze used in Dermagran® Hydrophilic-B Dressings   prevents the granulation tissue from penetrating in-between the fibers, ensuring that the wound bed is not damaged when the dressing is removed. Dermagran® Hydrophilic-B Dressings have demonstrated great effectiveness in the management of stage II to IV pressure ulcers, diabetic or venous stasis ulcers, tissue trauma, surgical incisions and management of partial thickness thermal burns.

Catalog Number Description
SPD-03 Dermagran® B Hydrophilic, 3 oz (85 g) tube, 12 units/case
SPD-20 Dermagran® B Hydrophilic, 2" x 2" (5 x 5 cm) impregnated gauze, sterile, package of 25 dressings, 8 packs/box
SPD-21 Dermagran® B Hydrophilic, 4" x 4" (10 x 10 cm) impregnated gauze, sterile, package of 15 dressings, 4 packs/box
SPD-24 Dermagran® B Hydrophilic, 8" x 4" (20 x 10 cm) impregnated gauze, sterile, package of 15 pads, 4 packs/box


Dermagran® Wound Cleanser

Dermagran® Wound Cleanser is a gentle skin and wound cleanser that contains both ionic zinc and vitamin B6. As such, the Wound Cleanser is designed to not just cleanse, but to also prepare the wound bed with an optimal environment for wound healing. The multi-use spray bottle is designed so that the cap does not need to be fully removed in order to operate, increasing ease of use. When used along with Dermagran® Hydrophilic-B Dressings, these synergistic products can help to optimize clinical outcomes. Indicated for cleansing and irrigating dermal lesions such as lacerations, post surgical wounds and ulcers (diabetic, venous stasis, dtage II-IV pressure sores). Also aids in mechanical debridement.

Catalog Number Description
WC-04 Wound Cleanser, 4 oz (114 g) bottle, 12 units/case

Distributed by Victus, Inc.

All technical information obtained from manufacturer’s website and technical sheets.

DERMAGRAN® Moisturizing Spray Contains:
Zinc acetate, zinc chloride, zinc sulfate, dextrose, alcohol, water, pyridoxine hydrochloride, vitamin A, and vitamin B6.


DERMAGRAN ® Ointment Contains:
Lanolin, alcohol, white petrolatum, sodium lauryl sulfate, aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, calcium carbonate, methylparaben, propylparaben, sodium chloride, zinc chloride, propylene glycol, vitamin A, and vitamin B6.


DERMAGRAN ® B Hydrophilic Contains:
Anhydrous lanolin, white petrolatum, zinc chloride, vitamin A, calcium chloride, magnesium hydroxide, sodium chloride, pyridoxine hydrochloride, sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, methylparaben, and propylparaben.






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