• Facilitates Accurate Dosing by Allowing for Complete Drug Removal from the Vial
  • Reduces Aerosols and Leaks Caused by Pressurization when Accessing the Vial
  • Needlefree Device Ensures Compliance with Needlefree Policies
  • Automatically Equalizes Vial Pressure
Genie® CSTD Vial Access Device

Closed needlefree vial access device that automatically equalizes drug vial pressure for the safe preparation of hazardous drugs.


Reduce your exposure to hazardous aerosols and leaks during drug preparation.

Traditional methods of withdrawing fluid from a hazardous drug vial create differentials in pressure, leading to the escape of hazardous vapors, drips, and spills. The Genie® is a mechanically and microbiologically closed vial access device that equalizes vial pressure, reducing the potential for aerosols and leaks caused by pressurization when accessing the vial.


Functional Attributes:

  • Antineoplastic Drug Compatible
  • Mechanically and Microbiologically Closed
  • Contains No Latex, PVC or Phthalate


As part of the ChemoClave™ system, Genie® helps keep healthcare workers safe and comply with OSHA, NIOSH, ASHP, ISOPP, and USP <797> safe-handling guidelines.
  • Genie® is attached to the vial by pushing the spike through the stopper until the stability skirt locks on to the vial.
  • Upon aspiration, the insertion pin from Genie® will detach from the spike and the balloon will begin to inflate with air which is entering from the top of the Genie. It is this air that is automatically equalizing the vial pressure.
  • When your withdrawal is complete, simply remove the syringe.




Catalog Number Description
CH-77 GENIE® Multi-Dose vial spike with pressure equalizing internal balloon system. Stability skirt to fit any 20 mm vial, access through CLAVE® closed connector.  50/case
CH-78 GENIE® Multi-Dose vial spike with pressure equalizing internal balloon system. Stability skirt to fit any 28 mm vial, access through CLAVE® closed connector.  50/case

Distributed by Victus, Inc.

All technical information obtained from the manufacturer’s website and technical sheets.

Use Life on Vial 40 Days*
Internal Balloon Capacity on a Single Draw 60 mL
*30 days refrigerated plus 10 days room temperature

Product Configurations

Neck Size Case Quantity
20 mm 50
28 mm 50


Connect to Protect

  • Attach a new Genie® to a drug vial by centering the spike tip on the vial stopper and pushing straight into the vial. The Genie® skirt will lock onto the metal ring of the vial stopper.

Reconstitute Drug (if required)

  • Using a diluent syringe, attach to the Genie’s Clave® port and twist together until secure.
  • Infuse diluent into vial and allow syringe plunger to back out to equalize pressure. The Genie® is a closed system and does not allow air to displace outside the vial, therefore requiring evacuation using the diluent syringe.

Withdraw Medication

  • Disinfect Clave® injection port before each access to maintain vial sterility.
  • To withdraw drug from vial attach syringe to the Genie®’s Clave® port and twist together until secure.
  • Aspirate desired volume of drug from vial. Genie® balloon will automatically deploy to equalize pressure as drug is removed. Vial pressures are dependent on manufacturer specifications and differences in geographic elevation. The Genie® balloon inflation will vary based on these influences.
  • Genie® may be used for multiple accesses to a single drug vial, do not remove Genie® and place into a new drug vial. Genie® and drug may be stored in accordance with drug manufacturers specified expiration time.




When environmental air enters in the Genie®'s balloon how can I be sure the medication will not get contaminated?
Genie®'s balloon is made from silicone, which is permeable to gases. The air entering the balloon slowly passes through the silicone and empties out the balloon. During evaluations performed on Genie®, it was shown that even the Phi-X174 bacteriophage, one of the smallest known viruses (smaller than drug vapor particles), cannot cross the barrier of the silicone balloon.

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Genie® CSTD Vial Access Device